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Our relationships have a huge impact on our life.  Here are some of the best resources available to help you build successful and fulfilling relationships with others and yourself.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

John Gottman


By far the most comprehensive and evidence based work on marriage or any other form of significant relationship.  Gottman's 'love lab' where relationships are examined under the spotlight and ability to predict problems is remarkable.  Full of proven strategies to improve any relationship.


Nicholas Christakis & James Fowler


The incredible science that proves just how connected we are and influenced by our social networks.  The people around us really do shape our lives from wealth and health to happiness and intelligence.  We may not have as much free will as we think after all.

The Connected Leader

by Emmanuel Gobillot


Are your relationships based on the 5 key factors proven to make them work?







I Need Your Love - Is That True?

by Byron Katie


Rather than looking for the one, be the one you are looking for.  Rather than thinking that love, appreciation and approval come from others this book guides you to find these qualities within yourself.  Once you live these feelings other people will naturally reflect them back to you and you will live more of each moment.

Why Good People Do Bad Things

Debbie Ford


How to stop being your own worst enemy by uncovering out shadow selves.  This book describes the dark side of the masks we often wear and why we often self-sabotage our own best efforts.  Uncovering the shadow helps us turn these darker aspects of ourselves into strengths.


by Robert Holden


A book dedicated to knowing how to love and be loved.  What is your definition of love and how do you show love to others.  The description of the styles of love and behaviour traps we fall into as a result of unexamined past experiences is the highlight of this book.

Truth Heals

by Deborah King


A brave book that details Deborah's own difficult journey to the realisation that what we hide can hurt us.  Once we overcome these past hurts we can form lasting and trusting relationships.  A different body based look at relationships, hugely popular with many who have completed the related programmes.

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